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In the article, what to feed Scottish cat we talked about the basic principles of nutrition of cats, cats and kittens that all owners should know.

Now you should know forbidden food:


In any quantities it is impossible.
If your cat asks for a sweet, it means that it is interested in something else in the product. Cats do not have receptors that recognize sweet taste. Do not buy into the requests of the cat, because he can develop diabetes very quickly.


Salty products from the store, too, do not give. From of salt have cats can develop problems with kidneys and bladder, to which Scots and so tend to.


They interfere with the digestion.


Garlic and onions can lead to serious digestive problems.


Even if your chocolate is not sweet as it should be on the classics, the cat is still in no event it is impossible: for the animal is poison.


Like chocolate, coffee is poison. If a cat asks you for coffee, it may be attracted to the milk you add to the drink.


Cats should eat dairy products, but whole milk. Milk – containing lactose, causes gas formation and stomach upset. The owners often do not notice this, but in fact the animals after the milk is not good. Do you have a great desire to feed the cat with milk?
Pay attention to natural milk or a special milk substitute for cats.


Just remember, it’s poison.


Fat and fried, whether it’s meat or not, is bad for the pancreas.


Pork cats can not eat, except that very rarely allowed a small piece of low-fat part. The matter is that pork is stuffed with hormones and in itself too fat.

Canned food

Any product in canned food is always generously supplied with salt, spices and preservatives. This in itself is harmful even to humans, not to mention the digestive and urinary system of the cat, which is much worse than ours, adapted to such food.


Lemons, oranges, tangerines and other citrus fruits cats tend not to eat themselves. But there are exceptions. The fact that citrus contains spicy essential oil that is hard on the K. keen sense of smell Plus food threatens to digestive disorders.

Fruit crop

The digestive system of cats is not adapted to eating fruits and berries, so they may have an upset stomach. But there are cats who like fruit. If after that with them nothing bad will happen and occasionally you can give this to eat.


Mushrooms-too heavy and not useful for cats food.


Are starch, that is difficult to digest and is not absorbed by the cat’s body.


Peas, lentils, soybeans and other legumes are forbidden because it is too heavy food, plus they cause fermentation.

Farinaceous food

All flour, including bread, is harmful to cats and has no nutritional value. Instead, it is better to buy special yeast for cats in the form of additives. In the case of natural food is much easier: do not add to the meat porridge of wheat, rye, oats and barley, as well as bread. In fact, this is not recommended in any way.

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Buying a kitten or cat in the United States

Buying a kitten or cat in the United States

Buying a kitten or cat in the United States

Buying a kitten or cat in the United States